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Small Business Saturday

Williams Educational is OPEN for #SBS, starting at 9 AM, you can visit us at our virtual office!

You don't have to leave your home to purchase the best gift for your student! Spend #SMALLBUSINESSSATURDAY with Williams Educational Consultants. We coach students and parents with their educational pursuits from K-12 Private School Placement, College Admissions, Graduate School Options, Student/Parent Coaching and more. Our coaching guides families through the entire process by creating an individually organized process that allows the consultant to connect with your student and help with their educational pursuits. We pride ourselves on individual attention, an organized approach, open communication, and transparency.

Read a client's testimonial as he purchased our services for his grandaughter!

"I gave Wendy’s service to my granddaughter as a birthday gift. As it developed over three years of testing, evaluation and counseling, priceless. The grandgirl was enabled to find out for herself that she needed small school, liberal arts, academically excellent, strong in Psychology, within five hours drive from home.....voila! She just finished her first semester at college, made a 3.3 and LOVES it!!

Kudos to Wendy for this happy outcome." Bob Bowen

Williams Educational will open it's virtual office at 9 AM - 10 AM to answer any questions. Please visit us Saturday Morning or call us at 770-633-1478 to learn more about how we can assist you and your family.

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