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Williams Resources Group

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Williams Resources Group believes in the transformative power of real estate and education. Our unique venture combines these two essential pillars to create a dynamic and innovative environment that shapes the future of individuals and communities. 

Peachtree Property Group Georgia (PPGG) prides itself on its client relationships. These connections have helped further our mission to help make the real estate transaction fun and less stressful. We strive to provide exceptional real estate services and deliver quality educational opportunities for families with children that inspire, empower, and transform lives. Through our integrated approach, we aim to enhance the value and impact of both sectors, creating a ripple effect of positive change.


Our REALTORS® are known for their professionalism, honesty, innovation, and expertise in Georgia real estate. We welcome the opportunity to help you unlock your next venture.  Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing property in Georgia, you won't find another team that offers:


  • Honest advice

  • Proven market-based strategies

  • Personal service


Connect with us at Peachtree Property Group Georgia as we redefine the future of real estate and education, one community at a time. Call Chris Williams at 678-525-9886 or email at for helpful, positive advice.









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