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Educational Videos

Tips for students seeking a Higher Education

Wendy Williams and Tanisha Johnson discuss Higher Education for students.

How to Prepare Your Student For College

Wiser Management Interviews Wendy Williams

The Importance of the Essay in Admissions with Gail Polizzi from Purdue University

Wendy Williams and Gail Polizzi

The Traveling School

Wendy Williams speaks to Mary Reid Munford about The Traveling School

Should you report your standardized test score automatically?

When students register for their SAT or ACT, they have an option to send scores for free to the colleges that they are considering for admissions. Williams Educational recommends only sending scores once the student knows their score(s) and their year's admissions requirements! If possible, hold off on sending any scores to any schools, especially for the current Juniors, Class of 2022. Many schools have gone test-optional. If you have chosen to send free test reports to your colleges and would like to remove that option, go into your account and delete the college recipient before the test date. Reach out to Williams Educational via for more information.

Testing During COVID

Wendy Williams speaks with Ivan Mervis about pop-up testing centers, test prep tips, and testing after the pandemic.

Standardized Testing For Atlanta Private School Placement

Wendy Williams speaks with Teresa Shell to discuss the types of administrations and tutoring tips for families who may have to sit for the SSAT.

The Mental Game of An Athlete

Wendy Williams speaks with Lindsey Schriefer about athletes and their mental game, especially in the world of COVID.

Tips on parenting during COVID

Wendy Williams speaks with Dr. Jeannine Jannot - author, speaker, and coach, on how parents can help students not only adjust to virtual learning but become successful students in the home.

Tips on Virtual Learning

Wendy Williams and Dr. Maggie Wray talk about the new classroom "normal" - virtual learning.

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