Wendy Williams, Owner

Williams Educational Consultants, founded by Wendy Williams in 2005, has been a leading company in providing educational counseling services throughout the greater metro-Atlanta area and beyond. With over 900 student placements, 300 college tours, 50 local independent school visits, and hundreds of resources, Williams Educational Consultants provides wisdom, structure, and guidance to families. 


Whether your student is exploring primary or secondary grades, college options, or graduate school programs, Williams Educational Consultants will help to identify opportunities through an extensive process. Wendy Williams believes that conversations are the catalyst for change. Therefore it is important to work closely with the entire family unit, teachers, counselors, and other mentors to present appropriate recommendations. Information gathered through various meetings, student and parent questionnaires, teacher recommendations, psyho-educational evaluations, as well as understanding academic performances and future goals allows your Consultant to provide the best guidance possible. Depending on age appropriateness, students may take personality inventories, learning style evaluations, career assessments, and or a standardized test like SSAT, SAT, or ACT. 

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Williams Educational Consultants, LLC
101 Bombay Lane
Roswell, GA 30076



Cell: (770) 633-1478
Email: wendy@williamseducational.com

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Williams Educational Consultants, LLC
101 Bombay Lane, Roswell, GA 30076

Phone: (770) 633-1478
Email: wendy@williamseducational.com