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College Admissions

Your admissions journey begins with you, the student, in mind, by focusing on your career aspirations, interests, extracurricular involvement, and educational experiences. Both college admissions and graduate school is a time for discovery. Your Consultant believes in education and giving you, the client, the best future possible. Our person-centered process creates an environment that allows clients to succeed, embrace their educational identity, explore autonomy, and enjoy a process that can be overwhelming, demanding, and stressful.

Williams Educational works with all types of learners, including students that struggle with a learning difference, psychological disorder, or any social, emotional challenges in or out of the classroom. We also work with those who believe in their high-school chosen career, and students who thrive on competition. Williams Educational has worked with many types of learners and helps to highlight academic strengths and weaknesses. In the last 20 years, our consultants have helped musicians, teachers, doctors, scientists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, writers, journalists, lawyers, accountants, artists, athletes, and many more professionals reach their dream careers. At Williams Educational, students become their North Star, and their parents, teacher, friends, and other loved ones get to watch them shine.

Our process includes: 


  • Identifying occupational themes and college majors.

  • Creates a working college list 

  • Develop an individualized college timeline. 

  • Build a resume and activity lists

  • Strategize a game plan for each application.Connect students with the right tutors for the SAT/ACT 

  • Discuss course selection, summer programs, activities, etc.

  • Guidance on college visits and interviews

  • Generates ideas for college essays, supplements, and an academic resume

  • One on one counseling for essay writing and application support

  • Scholarship Searches

  • And more

Graduates of college taking a selfie.

Consult with families to understand educational options K-12 in metro Atlanta.

Coach students & parents how to navigate the college admissions process.

Guide students to explore interests, build confidence, and set educational goals for careers and graduate studies.

Motivate and inspire students to find their communication style, passions and strengths through assessments.

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