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Graduate Admissions

The decision to pursue a Graduate degree lies solely in the hands of students. Our clients, soon to be recent college graduates, choose to continue their academic endeavors by pursuing an advanced academic degree in their chosen field, such as Psychology, Law, Business, Management, etc. More and more clients want to earn their Master's or Doctorate. We help clients navigate the graduate admissions process by focusing on the client's career interests, past college experiences, and the desire to relocate or remain in Georgia. Also, our consultants evaluate the Graduate Program's reputation, curriculum, and program quality.

Our process includes: 

  • Educating students about the Graduate Admissions Process

  • Getting to know the client's academic history, career, and activity commitments. 

  • Understanding the client's academic profile

  • Evaluates all psychological and/or academic records 

  • Connect with appropriate tutors for GRE, LSAT, etc. 

  • Discuss internship and research opportunities

  • Creates a working program list of options

  • Assist with applications and timelines

  • And more.  

A recent suden of the Graduate program.

Identify academic schools in metro-Atlanta for all student-types. Help with IEP/504 meetings.

Assess, guide & teach students & parents opportunities to decrease anxiety & prepare them for college admissions.

Help students discover the graduate programs that fit their career goals and academic interests while increasing self-confidence & knowledge. 

Coach clients in developing and improving self-awareness to help them focus on their interests, learning strategies & career options.

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