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Williams Educational Consultants is excited to introduce The Owl Institute, a concierge service for families seeking assistance navigating the educational landscape and specialities in music and art.

Is The Owl Institute a good fit for your family?

  • Are you having trouble navigating the online academic curriculum?

  • Does your student find school to be boring and dissatisfying?

  • Do you need tools to help with instruction and classroom management?

  • Does your student seek advice from a Certified Teacher?

Our program will provide answers, guidance, and supplemental activities for parents seeking additional resources. Now is the time to prioritize and support your student's academics and create a safe, peaceful environment where your child can learn and grow.

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Regardless of the future, Williams Educational Consultants will be ready to support your family's educational needs.


Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Initial Intake

  • Age Appropriate Student Assessment

  • Zoom Cohort Groups

  • Connecting with other professionals

  • Personal Educational Resource Platform

  • Solutions for Virtual Classroom Experiences

  • Parent Consultations & Additional Resources, if needed

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Williams Educational Consultants has Specialists in Music, Art, Speech & Language, Early Intervention, Certified Teachers and more.

Williams Educational has worked with families throughout the United States to help with admissions into respected private schools, colleges, universities, and graduate programs. It is exciting to connect families and students with qualified specialists. We have a passion for assisting families and want to offer students an opportunity to continue learning within their safe and clean environment.


We now offer violin, piano, guitar, and art classes to clients. Additionally, we help families with learning needs such as Orton-Gillingham, Executive Function, Coaching, Early Intervention Specialists, and more.

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Premier Educational Concierge Services

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