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Gap Year Programs

The history of how Gap Year Programs emerged is quite interesting. Over half of a century ago, the baby boom generation was big on Gap Year programs. A significant difference is that today the programs are more organized, and the primary purpose is for students to engage in a cultural and academic experience while becoming more mature and self-confident. A lot of families who seek a Gap Year Program for their students feel that travel, cultural immersion, service-oriented projects, and other experiences will significantly benefit a young student's college experience. The United Kingdom embraced the Gap Year Programs. For many, many years, students from the UK naturally progressed from their post-secondary education to a Gap Year program before going on to earn their diploma. Now, Gap 

College kids going on a hike in anothe country for Gap Year.

Year Programs are welcomed by students throughout the nation. Students who take a Gap Year are seen as well-rounded, culturally adapt, and having good life experiences. Before 2000, an online platform was created for families to learn more about these programs. Today, there is a Gap Year Fair that travels throughout the United States, teaching families about opportunities outside of the classroom. Williams Educational Consultants is excited to help students and parents identify what to look for in these types of programs and how to continue one's college education after completion.

Consult with families to understand educational options K-12 in metro Atlanta.

Coach students & parents how to navigate the college admissions process.

Guide students to explore interests, build confidence, and set educational goals for careers and graduate studies.

Motivate and inspire students to find their communication style, passions and strengths through assessments.

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