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"Williams Educational Consultants is a place that you NEED to check out for all of your college application needs. I promise you, you will love Wendy as soon as you meet her, and you will love your decision to work with her! I am so so so thankful for Wendy, and you will be too! She is easily one of the best College Counsellors in Georgia... no doubt!"

Josh Gil

"WEC listened to what challenges we are currently having with our son's public school and his upcoming IEP + they researched private schools that they felt would be best for our son. It would have taken me HOURS and I still wouldn't have their insight. Well worth the money!"

Kelly Allen

"Wendy Williams is so caring and professional. Both of children have taken the middle level SSAT flex test with her and leave the office happy! She makes a tense day feel calm and controlled. We highly recommend using Wendy!"

The Tittle Family

"Wendy builds meaningful rapport with her students and truly seeks to understand their individuality; with these insights, she mentors the kids in selecting their course load and extra-curricular activities, determining the right set of schools to apply to, shaping their personal statement and supplemental essays and so much more that is intangible but priceless."

The Shivdasani Family

"A few years back in 2018 as I was navigating the college admissions process. Your guidance was beyond helpful for clarifying my academic path, choosing schools and what I wanted out of them, and feeling confident in myself as a candidate (and so, so much more). I just wanted to say thank you Wendy, the work you do really is life changing!

It’s 2022 now, and I have graduated from Duke University with a Bachelors in Psychology and an Economics Minor. As a recent graduate with a full four year scholarship, zero debt, and a myriad of global and academic experiences, I get a lot of questions from parents and other students about how I did it. I often mention your guidance and structure and how it was crucial to getting what I wanted, or even thinking about it.” Roswell High School Student , Class of 2018

Graduate 2022 (From Class of 2018)

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all the guidance, help, and support over these last few years. I can guarantee that I would have had a much rougher time with this process if I didn't have the organization, planning, and advice that you gave me."

Student, Class of 2021

"Hi! We can’t thank you enough for ushering all of us through a “foreign” year.  You are a God-send for helping us navigate all of the constant Covid changes that effected Halle’s application requirements, while guiding her in the right direction for the colleges that best suit her. We couldn’t be more pleased & grateful for the endless hours you assisted her."

Mike & Jen Passilla

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wendy throughout both the undergraduate and graduate school application process. Wendy’s guidance and expertise take the guesswork out of applying to multiple schools. I recently graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder and will be pursuing my Masters of Public Policy and Administration at Northwestern University. Thanks, Wendy!”

Charlotte Spaeth

"Wendy is a competent, caring consultant who will help you navigate all the steps needed to get your child in the school that's right for them."

In-Home Tutors Atlanta

"I hope you are doing well! Thank you so much for touching base and for all the positive and helpful communications during these past few, strange months. We are so grateful and thrilled to share the awesome news that Matthew was accepted at all of the schools where he sent his application: Auburn, Alabama, Clemson, Purdue, and VT! WhooHoo!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help getting the applications completed and for helping keep our family on track and “sane” during a stressful, exciting time. You are such a blessing for students and families and I really appreciate your encouraging, manageable, and positive approach to all the college admissions processes and requirements."

Kristi Lodigensky

"Let me again thank you for listening to Bonnie Beth, helping her define what was best for her, and discovering the path to get there. For her and for countless others in the class of 2020."

Bob Bowen

"Our family has a lot to thank Wendy for. Both my daughter, Samara, and son, Jack, worked with Wendy and we've recommended Wendy to everyone who is looking for a college advisor. Samara is graduating from Colorado State University and Jack is going to Indiana University in the fall. Now that Samara has spent the past four years at CSU I can definitively say that she found the perfect fit for her college education. We have no doubt that Indiana is going to be an incredible experience for Jack as well.

When Samara was in her junior year of high school my husband and I felt completely overwhelmed by the college application world. Thankfully we found Wendy...she worked with Samara through each step of the process. We were amazed at how Wendy was able to motivate Samara, keep her on track, and got her ready for college. It was the one thing on Samara's plate that did not become a stressful part of her junior year. Samara ended up getting into all 9 colleges she applied to.

Even Jack got to know Wendy while Samara was working with her. Hiring Wendy to work with Jack was a no-brainer.

Both our kids LOVE Wendy and so do we. She literally turned what could have been an incredibly stressful time into a very manageable process. Obviously we unequivocally recommend Wendy for your college application process!!"

Lisa and Jeff Chasin

Identify academic schools in metro-Atlanta for all student-types. Help with IEP/504 meetings.

Assess, guide & teach students & parents opportunities to decrease anxiety & prepare them for college admissions.

Help students discover the graduate programs that fit their career goals and academic interests while increasing self-confidence & knowledge. 

Coach clients in developing and improving self-awareness to help them focus on their interests, learning strategies & career options.

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