"I hope you are doing well! Thank you so much for touching base and for all the positive and helpful communications during these past few, strange months. We are so grateful and thrilled to share the awesome news that Matthew was accepted at all of the schools where he sent his application: Auburn, Alabama, Clemson, Purdue, and VT! WhooHoo!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help getting the applications completed and for helping keep our family on track and “sane” during a stressful, exciting time. You are such a blessing for students and families and I really appreciate your encouraging, manageable, and positive approach to all the college admissions processes and requirements."

Kristi Lodigensky

"Let me again thank you for listening to Bonnie Beth, helping her define what was best for her, and discovering the path to get there. For her and for countless others in the class of 2020."

Bob Bowen

"Our family has a lot to thank Wendy for. Both my daughter, Samara, and son, Jack, worked with Wendy and we've recommended Wendy to everyone who is looking for a college advisor. Samara is graduating from Colorado State University and Jack is going to Indiana University in the fall. Now that Samara has spent the past four years at CSU I can definitively say that she found the perfect fit for her college education. We have no doubt that Indiana is going to be an incredible experience for Jack as well.

When Samara was in her junior year of high school my husband and I felt completely overwhelmed by the college application world. Thankfully we found Wendy...she worked with Samara through each step of the process. We were amazed at how Wendy was able to motivate Samara, keep her on track, and got her ready for college. It was the one thing on Samara's plate that did not become a stressful part of her junior year. Samara ended up getting into all 9 colleges she applied to.

Even Jack got to know Wendy while Samara was working with her. Hiring Wendy to work with Jack was a no-brainer.

Both our kids LOVE Wendy and so do we. She literally turned what could have been an incredibly stressful time into a very manageable process. Obviously we unequivocally recommend Wendy for your college application process!!"

Lisa and Jeff Chasin

"My year in London, although it was cut short, was absolutely incredible. I am so happy with my decision to go to FSU, but also to study abroad. My first 6 months in college could not have been better! Thank you for guiding me and helping me make that decision."

Sydney Siegel

"I want to send you a thank you text. I saw your post in LinkedIn about the dyslexia scholarship and sent it to my son. He just got notified that he got it!"

The Holloway Family

"I would have not gotten into graduate school if it had not been for Wendy Williams. She helped me so much and I can honestly say I would never have been accepted to a great school like Clemson University, had I not had Wendy as my educational consultant. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs the resources, as well as a mentor to come to, during the application process."

Kailee Place

"I am pleased to say I was accepted to all of the five colleges that I applied to. I received scholarships at three of the five. Thank you so much for your guidance and direction."

Mary Katherine Fawcett, Atlanta

"The college application process can be an intimidating task. We were lucky enough to discover Wendy Williams who has made the whole process a very manageable one. She takes the time and effort to get to know and understand each student and his or her family before she makes any recommendations. Once she has assessed the needs, abilities and dreams of each student she presents the necessary information in a very precise, orderly and professional way, which can be easily accessed whenever necessary. She keeps in constant contact, and reminds parent and students of important deadlines. She is prompt in returning phone calls and replying to emails. Nothing is too much trouble for her clients. She takes her job very seriously and is always willing to go the extra mile. Her professionalism and dedication is refreshing and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the process. She keeps everyone on track, both students and parents."

Elene Catrakilis, Marietta

"When our freshman daughter was miserable at the university she had selected we turned to Wendy Williams for help. Wendy guided her through the decision as to whether to transfer to another school , offering insight and much needed perspective. Wendy investigated alternative schools that she felt would be a better fit for our daughter and provided detailed information on each school and its transfer application process. She advised and supported our daughter through every phase of the application process. As invaluable as Wendy's guidance and expertise on the college application process was, perhaps even more important to us was her ability to connect to our daughter in a calm, supportive and reassuring manner. With Wendy's help, our daughter transferred in January of her freshman year to a school that proved to be the perfect fit. "

Jim and Nancy Johnson

"Wendy was great at helping my son identify his strengths and goals. With her guidance he was able to put together a strong personal essay that reflected how his experiences have shaped him as a student and citizen."

Tonya Gooden

"My daughter is doing great on her college search. We visited four schools over spring break, and with the assistance you gave her, she was able to look at the pros and cons of each environment. At High Point University we met with an admissions counselor at the end of the tour. I was so pleased that Sarah came prepared with a list of questions and to engage in a conversation rather than just sit and listen.

Working with Wendy has changed her attitude from “that is a long way off and I will figure it out later” to actively reviewing her choices, considering her goals, and develop the ability to make this decision based on what she wants. This has become a fun, enjoyable process rather than the stress and burden it was before we met with you.

From my perspective, your services are an excellent value. I have always felt that you have to be happy with your college to do your best work there. With your help I feel we are well on our way to finding that perfect spot for Sarah."

Jennifer Gilkerson

"Wendy helped me get into the grad school of my dreams by showing me how to present the best possible me. From help on which schools to apply to, to assistance on my personal statement to just overall emotional support, hiring Wendy was the greatest money I have ever spent. I would have been totally lost with out her!"

Jessica Fritts, Atlanta GA

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