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You Got Mail...From ACT

If you were scheduled for the ACT this July, check your email! You might have received a letter stating: "Due to local public health officials' COVID-19 mandates, the seating capacity at your test center has been reduced or your center has closed. You are no longer able to take the ACT in July 2020. Please understand this action after carefully coordinating with local officials and following Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance. For this, we sincerely apologize."

Not all students received this letter. Some test centers are still planning on administering this exam, but not many! 

 Below are options available to you: 

  • You may be able to find an alternate test center by making a test center change within your ACT account. Your account has the most up-to-date listing of available test centers.

  • Consider waiting to test in the fall. Beginning the week of July 27, 2020, ACT plans to offer a new registration experience for test events starting in September.

  • ACT will be adding additional test events in the fall to provide flexible options to students. 

ACT attempted to reschedule examinees. The ACT Organization commented that they "worked diligently to ensure that high school seniors, then juniors, were prioritized for the July test date." Additionally, those who registered "earlier" were also considered when selecting testers for higher priority. 

Open up your email and see what your ACT portal says for your testing site in July! Let Williams Educational Consultants know if your site is open or closed.

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