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#WHYAPPLY 9/16/22

September 16, 2022, is known as the National #WhyApply Day. At Williams Educational Consultants, we help students through the college admissions process by creating an individualized program for each applicant. Our goal is to decrease anxiety, provide structure and, most importantly, create opportunities! Today is a special day to spread awareness and give an answer to why Williams Educational Consultants believes it is essential for all students to apply to colleges. Additionally, we have asked a few community members to contribute their opinion on why they feel it is important to apply to college.

Wendy Williams, owner and founder of Williams Educational Consultants, asked her father, Chip Mack, why he felt applying to college was important for him. Chip graduated from Emory University in 1966 with a Political Science major. He has been in commercial real estate for over forty years and advises on the big picture and what he learned from his college experience.

Chip said, "It put me in a totally different environment than I was accustomed to with individuals from all over the world. It definitely improved my socialization skills. The academics were a challenge, and I learned how to really study. It exposed me to Atlanta and I decided to make it my home. In my opinion the real answer to the question, "Why Apply?" is that you are at the proverbial "fork in the road". If you APPLY and get accepted, you have a greater possibility of living a more satisfying life than if you don't."

Another community member, Tianna Bailey, is a college counselor at a local private school in Atlanta. Wendy and Tianna worked together and have very similar approaches to working with students. Tianna also attended Emory University. She believes college is about personal growth, socially, emotionally, and academically. In addition to discovering her passions, she learned how to navigate the world. For her, college was much more than finding a good job. She experienced different cultures, gained lifelong leadership and qualities.

Her reason for applying: "I am now among a network that spans all disciplines and careers."

A recent graduate from Williams Educational, Zoe Gotlin attends Vanderbilt University for Violin Performance and plans to graduate in 2026. Her reason for applying is that college is the most significant adjustment of one's life. She believes applying to college is crucial because it allows you to grow. The application process created a routine for herself and allowed her to spread her wings, research opportunities, and connect with others. She believes that applying to college is one of the most important things you can do to increase happiness and success.

"Check out Wendy Williams video on #WHYAPPLY"

Williams Educational Consultants reached out to David R. Bockel because of his service to our country, wealth of knowledge, and rich educational background. He graduated from the University of Alabama in 1966 with a major in Marketing Management and a minor in advertising. He also graduated from the United States Army War College in 1990. His civilian career had deep roots in Advertising and Marketing. He Founded Bockel & Company, full-service marketing and advertising agency, in 1968. In 2003, he served with the Reserve Officers Association in Washington, DC, and retired as the Executive Director in 2011. From 2011 until his final retirement in 2017, he worked for the Governor of Georgia in several jobs furthering military interests in Georgia.

Mr. Bockel is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army due to taking Army ROTC while in college. After two years of active duty in Vietnam and Redstone Arsenal, AL, he continued service in the Army Reserve until retirement as a Major General in 2003. He commanded at all levels throughout his military career, culminating with command of a large regional organization covering five states with over 18,000 soldiers and numerous civilian support personnel.

When we asked Major General Bockel why he felt applying to college was important so many years ago, he said:

"applying enhanced my ability to effective run both civilian and military occupations. I also used every opportunity to enhance my knowledge and experience in both pursuits."

There are so many reasons for students to apply to colleges. On September 16, please be sure to respond to #WHYAPPLY and help younger students feel supported and encouraged

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