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Why is a college degree important?

A college degree opens the door to a land of opportunities. It acts like a “you pass go” card in the work force and rightfully so after dedicating four or more years to studying and hard work. Obtaining a college degree shows employers certain characteristics and skills such as determination, dependability, reliability, the attitude to succeed and shows you are comfortable with speaking, writing, reading and working with others.

Sure a college degree can equip you with the necessary tools for you to use in a specific field but without the degree you most likely would never be considered for a job position to begin with. And a college degree opens the door in more ways than one. Have you ever thought of the friends you would make and the life long connection you have would with them? They know first hand what you’re made of and may be able to lend a hand in getting a job.

Having a college degree allows you to not just settle but go after that dream job you have always wanted along with making more than minimum wage. Having a college degree allows you to plan for your future in ways such as having benefits and a retirement plan.

A college education helps you to find direction and follow the path to a successful future. It does more than educate you for a job, it excludes you from not be considered for one.

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