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What is your purpose?

A dear friend and colleague recently gave me a gift that, if used correctly, will last an entire lifetime!

Every morning while brushing my teeth, I glance down at my gift, a spiritual read with 365 devotions. A Year In Balance by Angela Cominos Koehler is a fantastic way to start any day. With only 17 days in, I have found mindful tidbits, great ideas, and deep dives into past experiences. This book is an excellent beginning to stepping into my day and out of my ordinary schedule as I focus on making better decisions and positive next steps.

Glancing over to the 19th, I see a fantastic quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, "See me God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be and what I can do, and use it for a greater purpose than myself." (Koehler 13) Although today is the 17th, and these words are written for the 19th of January, I am inspired to continue reading as today is MLK Day.

MLK Day is a day to observe and celebrate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life achievements and ultimate purpose. Author Koehler uses her creative talents, life coaching skills, and intellect to focus the 19th on a simple but powerful word, Purpose.

Author Koehler writes:

"January is a time of new beginnings. A clean slate. A time to restart and begin again. What if you thought more about how you could be of service as a next step rather than how you could make more money, get more followers, or get a promotion? What if you shift from achieving ________(you fill in the blank) to being of greater service?"

What a thought! How can we step out of our everyday living for ourselves and step into serving others? What is your ultimate purpose? How can you be an agent of change? As you sit and ponder these questions, think about Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He had a dream that was so great and powerful that our nation celebrates his courage, movement, and purpose. To live a life filled with purpose is a process of knowing one's beliefs and values. It is a constant check and balance. It also means that one lives through the lessons and fears. A life of purpose requires one to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

I encourage you to celebrate MLK Day by thinking about how you too can find your purpose of serving others.

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