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What Is Your Love Language?

Happy Valentine's Day! If you have ever wondered why we celebrated Valentine's Day, today is a great day to visit Google and click on their artwork to learn the history and traditions. If you live in my household, then this morning, you received candies and stuffed animals (and maybe gift certificates to your favorite places or video game shop!) My family completely partakes in the commercially celebrated day!

No matter if you enjoy the festivities with your friends or family, one thing that you can give to yourself is exploring your love language! Ironically, today is a great day to take a quick online assessment to learn more about yourself. At Williams Educational Consultants, our consultants explore the five love languages with our clients to shed light on a topic for their college personal statement.

The five love languages include Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, and Receiving Gifts. To learn what your love language is, visit here. Often after the student explores their love language, they can recall a great example or anecdote to display their language beyond the classroom setting. For example, a student might reflect on a service project, a family trip, or an incredible gift that made them happy or thankful. These conversations with the student are fantastic explorations and create an opportunity to discuss innate preferences, values, and experiences.

Wendy Williams, founder and owner of Williams Educational Consultants, has taken the online assessment annually, and the results are consistent year after year! Acts of Service is your leading consultant's love language. Therefore, vacuuming, cleaning up one's room, or running to the grocery store are ways to make your consultant smile! However, Words of Affirmation are a close second! Yes, your Independent Educational Consultant enjoys kind and positive words.

Please share your love language with your consultant today and explore topics that can bring your application to life.

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