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What is the best fit?

Williams Educational focuses on the student's academic, social and financial fit when seeking a college experience. Therefore, meeting students where they are in their educational journey is essential. The fit is about the feel, the look, and the cost of an institution, and most students only know precisely what fits once they try it on! So how do students try on their campus lists?

Here is what we recommend.

Think about the last product you ordered from Amazon, you probably researched the product or looked further into it via social media. Like shopping for clothes, students should go online to take virtual tours, check-out social media posts, and lean into the faculty who are teaching by researching courses in academic areas of interest. If students enjoy what they find online, they should schedule an in-person tour on campus.

Visiting colleges is a game changer in this process. I have seen hundreds of universities and am still visiting new and old ones I have already seen before. The only difference is now, I am taking my son with me as he is currently in the process of touring for himself.

Luckily for him, my two decades of college consulting helps him know I only want what is best for him. Therefore, finding the right fit means focusing on some of the following details:

  1. Discovering his personality traits and academic interests

  2. Discussing how he learns best and what are his favorite subjects.

  3. Who are his favorite teachers, and why?

  4. What environment is he seeking, and is it different than his current environment?

  5. Thinking about the activities, he enjoyed in high school.

  6. Why has he been successful, in his opinion?

  7. Does he want a mentor in college?

  8. What if he decides that his major of interest changes? How will the college allow him to choose another major?

We have many questions to ask students; the above is just a tiny sample!

Fit is not necessarily about rankings, rigor, or prestige, and it has nothing to do with the latest football win (GO, DAWGS!). Instead, the fit should be about the personality, academic needs, and social comforts in a community. How will your student grow, develop, and successfully become an adult?

Read another take on fit from the president of Ohio University here.

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