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WEC Welcomes September

Fall is getting closer, but the heat is still present. Yesterday was a hot one, folks! I heard someone say they did not understand why we complained about the heat in July when August and September in Georgia are scalding!

Regardless of the temperature, high school students are feeling the heat as teachers and staff members are dedicated, serious and motivated! Many students I have worked with over the last month have felt encouraged and excited about their new classes. Parents, the majority of students like their class selections this year! I am very happy for all involved in the classroom as I know it will be a great year, but let's focus on the year one month at a time.

September is a great month to prepare for testing, college visits, application season, and getting involved in clubs and extracurriculars. Williams Educational Consultants suggests that students prepare for their fall months by focusing on the below tasks this September:


  • Application season is open (since August 1st!), and working through each application and the supplemental question is essential. Take your time and review everything you write!

  • If you need to take another SAT/ACT, please register immediately!

*September 16th is the Deadline for the ACT October test.

*September 2nd is the Deadline for SAT October test.

  • Letters of Recommendations and Transcripts - Request NOW if you are applying EA/ED.

  • Schedule Fall and Winter Campus Visits

  • Remember to look at Honor Colleges and Scholarships!

  • Advice from WEC, create an application timeline and requirement checklist for each school, and review it daily!


  • Start your college search if you have not done so already! Plan Spring Break college visits.

  • Plan for standardized testing by taking mock tests and understanding the differences and similarities between the two exams. Take the PSAT or PREACT if offered in your high school.

  • Discuss college costs with your parents and know your financial expectations for a college degree.

  • Research College Majors - Princeton Review has a great site to begin learning about various majors.

  • Get involved in your local community or high school clubs! (maybe both!)

  • For fun, read the common apmontmafsfj;plication essay prompts to see if you have had an experience you can write about to answer one of the questions.


  • Study, Study, Study. Academics are critical every year of high school. Colleges like to see an upward trend in students' academics.

  • Visit local colleges to get a feel for a local experience: city, rural, metropolitan region.

  • Attend an event on a college campus, like a football or basketball game or even an orchestra or art show to see life on a college campus in action!

  • Talk to a senior and ask what they wish they had done their sophomore year to prepare for applications and college selections.

  • Get involved in a campus organization.


  • Transition into the high school routine and work to build a solid academic foundation.

  • Build relationships with teachers and mentors.

  • Volunteer in community activities

  • Get involved in your high school community

  • Take an inventory of what you enjoy in high school, passionate subjects, teachers you connect with, etc.

No matter the high school season, taking assessments to help you learn more about personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and career interest is always important! Williams Educational Consultants is here to help with all your educational questions and is ready to Help You Choose Wisely as you navigate your plans.

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