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University of Georgia - Update

Here are three important updates for 2024 first-year applicants applying to UGA:

  1. UGA is Common App exclusive. All first-year applicants will use the Common Application to apply to the University of Georgia.

  2. UGA will continue with their EA (October 15) and RD (January 1) deadlines. However, EA decisions will now be released on two dates: In-state applicants will receive their decision in mid-late November, while out-of-state will receive their decision for Early Action in mid-December.

  3. On Essays. UGA will continue with the common application, a longer personal statement from the common application, but has a specific UGA essay that will differ from last year. The new essay asks the following question: "The transition from middle to high school is a key time for students as they reach new levels of both academic and personal discovery. Please share a book (novel, non-fiction, etc.) that had a serious impact on you during this time. Please focus more on why this book made an impact on you and less on the plot/theme of the book itself we are not looking for a book report."

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