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UGA Releases Data for Class of 2028

Class of 2024, The University of Georgia's Director of Admission, David Graves, recently posted a blog about releasing Early Action decisions this November. What I love about the University of Georgia is that they are very informative and insightful with their information. They know that they are as sought after and loved!

The University of Georgia is very attractive: strong academics, incredible research programs, powerful reputation, robust alumni group, and competitive athletics (You know who the Dawgs are if you follow SEC Football!). And to top it off for Georgia families, it is a financial blessing for many as it offers incredible scholarships and aid for students.

Georgia families may be biased, but The University of Georgia is located in a beautiful, historic city about 60 miles from downtown Atlanta. Being the oldest public university and the flagship school for Georgia students, it is highly competitive.

If you have been waiting on pins and needles for UGA to announce decisions for in-state students, please know that you can now set your alarm for November 17th at 4 PM.

Please read UGA's blog for more information.

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