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Today is September 15th!

Williams Educational Consultants does not like to put pressure on any student or family, so please know that this post is a gentle, friendly reminder that if your student is looking at an EARLY ACTION DEADLINE of OCTOBER 15th, then he or she has a month to submit that application. Most students applying to institutions like The University of Georgia, The Georgia Institute of Technology, University of South Carolina, or The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and many others have an option for an Early Action Deadline of 10/15. In order for an application to be completed, most schools need the following items:

  1. Complete the college application via MyCoalition, Common App or University specific Application.

  2. Pay the Application Fee

  3. Send Official High School Transcript

  4. Submit Optional SAT/ACT scores*

  5. Request High School Secondary School Report/Counselor Recommendation

  6. Request Teacher/Other Letter of Recommendation

*Most colleges have opted to Test-Optional for Fall 2021 Applicants, but be sure that you understand what each of your student's college requires for admissions. It is important to verify with each school. For example, UGA is Test-Optional which allows "students the flexibility to decide whether or not they want to submit a test score as a component of their application." GA Tech is also Test-Optional. The University System of Georgia (USG) announced a temporary adjustment to all USG institutions' admission requirements. University of South Carolina and the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill is also not requiring standardized tests for admissions.

Williams Educational always gets the question, "If the Deadline is October 15th, what does that mean exactly?" Well, it means that students MUST submit all application materials by 11:59 PM in THE STUDENT'S TIME ZONE on October 15. WEC highly recommends that students do not wait until 11:59 PM on October 15th, but instead submit a week or two prior to that date.

No reason to panic! Your student has plenty of time. Take a deep breath and begin checking off the requirements one institution at a time!

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