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SSAT Flex & Benchmark Administration

Williams Educational Consultants is a Flex Test Site for families who are applying to private schools and require a Secondary Schools Admissions Test (SSAT) for grades 5 -12. The SSAT Flex is an exam offered most days of the week during the testing season of August 1 - July 31. This administration is designed to support students who cannot sit for the standard Saturday Test Site. The SSAT Flex test follows the same rigorous test specifications as the Standard Test, and scores can are reported to recipients. Students can only test once per academic school year at a Flex Test site.

Williams Educational Consultants offers students a secure, quiet, and nurturing testing environment. Students test in a spacious office room by themselves. Williams Educational has one proctor per tester. To register for the SSAT Flex Test, contact Williams Educational Consultants today.

Wendy Williams spoke to Teresa Shell with Bespoke Tutoring to discuss the testing options, parent concerns and questions, and thoughts about COVID and SSAT Testing. To learn more, check out Wendy Williams YouTube Channel.

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