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Schools Are Now Closed Until...

Winston Churchill once said, "I never worry about action, but only inaction." I will continue to serve my clients the best that I can to give advice and allow them to feel heard and supported. I will not turn off my phone or close my computer screen or stop checking my email. I will not quit attending Zoom meetings, Webinars, or having appointments. I will remain open!

Now that it is almost Memorial Day, Georgia schools are officially closed for summer. And like everyone else, I too am wondering what will come in August? Colleges and graduate programs have made decisions to begin a few weeks earlier than usual, remove some holiday breaks, and create virtual platforms for a few days during the semester, but what about K12 systems? 

The CDC has released guidelines for K12 schools in the fall. Read a recent article from WSB-TV here. Will we go back to school the old fashion way or have a hybrid of virtual classrooms with traditional classes? Will students have a smaller cohort group with one teacher? Will seating charts, physical distancing, temperature checks, masks, and other rules be implemented? The CDC suggests large auditoriums and cafeteria-style rooms to be shut down. Regardless of these guidelines, children need to return to the classroom. Sports need to resume, clubs need to continue, orchestras need to play, curtains need to go up, and students need to be with their friends. 

 I'd rather have a plan that changes than no plan at all. Students will learn again in a classroom, and businesses will turn their lights back on. My advice for parents is to take action this summer to make sure your student is ready for fall's academics, but first, take a break! Enjoy time with little structure and lots of outdoor activities. Turn off your computer screens! Know that Williams Educational is open and able to help you create your 2020-2021 academic plan once you are ready! Preparation is the best way to discover your students' true potential, ease anxiety, create hope, and build dreams, whether it is preparing for a virtual classroom, a hybrid class, or our regular school day! If you are worried about the future, make a plan! Waiting for someone else to make a decision is harder than creating one yourself!

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