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  • Wendy Williams

School Highlight of the Week – Paideia School

The Paideia School is an independent, co-educational college-preparatory school for ages 3 to 18 located on a 16 acre campus between Downtown Decatur and Downtown Atlanta. It was founded in 1971 by parents who wanted an individualized, creative and intellectually challenging education for their children. Their idea was that children have different interests, learning styles and also progress at different rates. Therefore, “Paideia’s philosophy is based on the belief that schools can be informal and individualized, yet still educate well.” (Paidiea website) The school prides itself on having excellent programs in the fine and performing arts, sports and community service.

The campus is located in the Druid Hills neighborhood near Emory University. It includes fourteen buildings and has a twelve acre park for the school with soccer and baseball/softball fields. Honors courses are offered in every academic area and there are 1260 computers for students to use on campus. Seventy percent of the 975 students at Paideia School participate in at least one sport and also have many opportunities to take art and theater classes.

Parents are extremely involved at Paideia. The school calls itself a community for the whole family. Parents help in classrooms, serve on committees, play roles in talent shows, raise money through fundraisers for financial aid and much more. They also enjoy attending and helping out at sporting events, concerts, dances and many other events. Respect for diversity is an important value at Paideia School. There are two multicultural coordinators that work with students and staff in elementary, junior and high school to foster understanding and appreciation of the different cultural backgrounds of all the students.

The admissions process at Paideia School includes prospective parent meetings, campus tours, submitting applications and an interview with both students and parents. To learn more about admissions, click here. Tuition ranges from $11,676 for ages 3 (half day) to $21,036 for Seniors. Need based financial aid programs are available.

Paideia School Headmaster: Paul Bianchi Click here to visit website.

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