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Reminders For November 1st

Halloween is almost here...and that means November 1 is near too! Students all over the world will be submitting applications to colleges for Early Action. Williams Educational Consultants wants to remind all students to be sure to follow these guidelines for November 1:

  1. Review all applications and essays

  2. Verify colleges have received official transcripts, SAT/ACT scores (if necessary).

  3. Check on Letters of Recommendations, including high school counselors, teachers, or advisors.

  4. Parents should review all applications before submission.

  5. Be sure you submit the application and supplemental materials correctly

  6. Pay the Application Fee!

  7. Submit the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE (if necessary)

  8. NOTE: Williams Educational Consultants will be UNAVAILABLE Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st.

  9. Submit by the 30th if not sooner!

  10. Celebrate success via trick-or-treating with friends!

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