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Quiet The Mind & Fill Your Heart

Thank goodness it's Friday, and even better, most of us have a long weekend with Monday off! 2021 has been a bit interesting, and we are only 15 days in!

Traveling is limited these days. With the world quarantined and feeling of confusion, technology has given us a way to explore without even leaving our home. Isn't that amazing!

Here are some ways for you to relax during the holiday weekend:

  1. Embrace the arts and educate yourself on culture -

  2. Build a list of places that you wish to visit -

  3. Watch a movie on DisneyPlus.

  4. Attend concerts by your favorite artists -

  5. Get outside and explore nature - take an analphabet hike & listen to the sounds.

  6. Read a book on bookhub or amazon or google.

  7. Spend time with those that you love.

The idea is to enjoy some quiet time to relax this weekend. Take time off from school, work, stress, etc., and refill your own heart and refresh your mind!

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