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Q: How do I become more than a prospective applicant?

A prospective candidate is a student who is applying for a spot to be among the next college class at X University. This does not mean the student is a likely enrollee. Today colleges’ begin marketing early. They start by contacting prospective students with advertisements through email and snail mail. What most prospective students and families do not understand is that the college process is a business. At the end of the day, the college has a bottom line that must be met. Therefore, they are always looking for that prospective enrollee, not just an applicant.

If your student wants to be sought after and given a chance, especially at a reach school then he or she must do the following:

1. Reach out to the college admissions officer

2. Display an interest in the University

3. Attend an Open House

4. Officially visit the college campus

5. Meet a local alumni representative

6. Open every email or letter that is sent to you

7. Respond to important emails

Simply engaging the University might be the tipping point for your student to get that Acceptance.

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