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Parents, this one is for you….

Parents, this one is for you….

We’ve all heard of “Helicopter Parenting”, right? Just incase you’ve been hiding out underneath your rock for the past 20 years, a helicopter parent is one who constantly hovers over their child. These are the parents that cannot let their child go out with friends for an hour without texting them a million and seven times to ask when they’re going to be home, what they’re doing now, who they are with, and so on…

More recently, another term has been coined: “Lawnmower Parenting”. This term goes out to all of the parents who “mow their child’s [metaphoric] path to success”. Lawnmower parents are those who can be seen parading their child around the college campus telling them which sorority they want to join and in what buildings they will have their classes—they know this because this parent also chose the child’s major.

There is a difference between guidance and mowing your child’s lawn FOR them. While it is healthy for a parent to steer their child in the right direction, It is crucial that the student learn to take responsibility on their own. It is crucial that the student mow their own lawn so they are able to step back, look at the lawn, see what mistakes they’ve made, learn from them, and become stronger as a result.

College is prime time for your child to learn independence and practice responsibility while they have you as their safety net. So… take a seat on your porch with a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade while you watch your child mow their lawn with the confidence that you’ve taught them well enough to do a good job.

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