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Owning Your College Years

If you talk to adults who have graduated from college, they probably have a list of things they wish they would have known to improve their grades and experience during their first year. Most students only get four years of being an Undergrad, so make the best of it! In this blog, I will list many ideas and pointers to help you own your time at school.

-Go to class! The most basic thing you can do to improve your grades in college is going to each and every class. When you do this, you get all of the important information and ideas. You will also hear about exams and papers; and then be able to ask questions. Some professors will give hints about what to study for! Also, be sure to get to class on time so you are not a disruption to other students.

-Make a Plan Balance your calendar! Write down class times, exams, professor’s office hours and when papers are due. It can also help to write down each day when you plan to study. Check things off after completing them. With so many classes and assignments, it can be easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t have a plan.

-Study, Study, Study!! One rule of thumb says to spend two hours studying outside of class for every hour you spend in class. This means if you take 15 hours, then you should spend 30 hours studying each week. If you want to take a break on the weekends, then study 6 hours each day/night. This may sounds like a lot, but you should look at your college experience as your “job.” It will truly pay off when you are making high grades!

Find an appropriate environment to study in. Make sure it is quiet without distractions. Turn off your devices if you will be distracted by friends or social media.

-Take thorough notes In many introductory classes, lectures create the testing material. You should try to write down everything your professor says. If you can’t write as fast then be sure to record the lectures.

-Find classmates to study with Many students improve their grades by having study buddies or study groups. Try to meet once a week or more.

-Read for pleasure during your free time Reading during free time can help improve your writing and college will involve A LOT of writing! When you read often, you internalize clear, polished and concise writing skills. It will also get you into the habit of reading your notes from class.

-Wait until your second semester to get involved Getting involved during college is a great idea!!! Each student should find a club, sport, organization, etc. that interests them. With this being said, many students have better grades when they wait until their second semester to participate. You need to get a feel of how much time your classes and studying is going to take up and then you can better commit to outside activities.

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