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November 1st Deadline Is In 6 Days

Do not let the ghost and goblins keep you from enjoying your Halloween evening this year! Submit your applications early so that you can enjoy all the treats that come with Halloween. Seniors should have submitted applications, transcripts, test scores, and teacher recommendations (if applicable) for this early action deadline.

Important Reminders:

  • It is crucial to Check-in with your colleges either by email or via their college-specific portal to ensure the receipt of your application and other required materials.

  • Now that you know which colleges you’re applying to, you can obtain financial aid applications from those schools. Remember, when it comes to financial aid, it’s essential to apply as early as possible! Do not forget about the FAFSA or CSS PROFILE.

  • Apply for scholarships from various organizations, either locally or scholarships from Fastweb or Scholly. You can discuss with your high school counselor regarding a list of local scholarships.

  • Reach out to Wendy Williams at Williams Educational Consultants for admissions support!

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