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New BS/MD Program at Georgia Regents University

Georgia Regents University (formerly known as Augusta State and The Medical College of Georgia) has shared excited news about a BS/MD program starting Fall 2013. Students will experience a seamless transition to Medical School after receiving their Undergraduate Degree and both degrees with take eight years to earn.

At Georgia Regents University, students who meet certain requirements listed below and earn a Bachelor of Science degree will guarantee their acceptance to the Medical College of Georgia.

-High school GPA of 3.7 or higher -SAT score of 1400 (math and critical reading) or ACT composite score of 30 -Admission to the GRU Baccalaureate Program -Acceptance into the BS/MD Program

Admission Process:

After acceptance to Georgia Regents University, students must complete the program application form along with one letter of recommendation. Candidates are selected based on academic qualifications prior to entry into The Medical College of Georgia.

Participants receive their Undergraduate Degree in either Cell and Molecular Biology or Chemistry (Biochemistry Focus). Admission to this program is still open for Fall 2013. For students who enter Fall 2013, the BS/MD Program will take eight years (four undergrad/4 medical) and seven years for Fall 2014 students (four undergrad/three medical). Admission requirements are lenient now but will progressively become more competitive as the program gains national recognion.

Students can cover their Undergraduate tuition with Hope Scholarship and the Medical degree will cost around $135,000.

For more information about this program, please call the Office of Admissions at (706) 737-1632 or visit

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