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  • Wendy Williams

MidYear Reports

Thank you for the opportunity to help guide each of you with your admissions process in 2022! It has been a great year filled with outstanding students whose interests range from medicine, engineering, teaching, sports management, athletics, forensic science, law, business, accounting, counseling, political science, and so much more! Watching you challenge yourself and push through the admissions process has been a joy.

As a senior who applied for either regular decision or early action, you must be very clear about which of your schools require your mid-year grades. Please check the college requirements by logging in to your admissions portal to understand ALL requirements, like updated grades and transcripts. Students can login to their Common Application to review requirements under the "My Colleges" tab and find information by clicking under APPLICATION on "Recommenders and FERPA". For example, if I click on UNC Chapel Hill's Recommenders and FERPA, I will find this information:


School Report Required

Mid Year Report Required

Final Report Required

Teacher Evaluation(s): 1 Required, 1 Optional

Other Evaluation(s): 0 Required, 2 Optional

Secondly, if you have applied early action to a school and have received a deferral letter, please be sure to READ the letter thoroughly. Colleges might require updated scores, grades, letters of recommendation, etc. Colleges that defer students want to see first-semester grades and possibly new items like a recent recommendation letter or a new essay.

If you have received a deferral and it is your first choice, take this time to communicate with your admissions officer to reiterate how much you love their school. Also, be sure to inform them of any new accolades or excellent grades you have received. Demonstrating your interest and showing your greatness is always a good thing!

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