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We have been given the gift of time recently which allows us to stay home and think about our lifestyle, friends, academic interest, goals, career path, and more. Discovering your MBTI can greatly bring you satisfaction not just in your career, but your personal lifestyle too. As an ESFJ, I am grounded in knowing that helping others is my passion. As an MBTI practitioner, I can help you discover your passions and interests too!

What does ESFJ mean to me? I enjoy working in groups with others. I also like being inspired by peers, colleagues and my clients. I love talking about what I am thinking and enjoy expressing myself. Some who know me would agree that I am a conversationalist. I am a true Extrovert! One of the most important concepts in MBTI has to do with the two letters in the middle. For me, the letters, "S" and "F" are the heart of my personality. What does that mean?

When I am not making others happy, my heart is not as full as it could be. As a counselor, I enjoy providing practical services for others, helping people with information, planning events, showing empathy, finding resources for others and most importantly, I enjoy making others comfortable. I am the type that will ask you 10x if you want more to eat or need something! Ask my children!

Why is this important to know about myself? Because I enjoy learning about personalities, relationships, patterns, society, etc. I want to better understand how people can connect and thrive. I love studying psychology, sociology and even the hard sciences. As an Independent Educational Counselor, I love my career! I get to live life daily doing what I love most - helping others!

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