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  • Wendy Williams

May 1st......

In years past May 1st was the day that every senior dreamed about because it was the day that seniors celebrated their college choice and wore their new school colors! Due to COVID19 some colleges have moved their deposit day to June 1st. A great site to find out if your college has moved their deadline to June 1st is through NACAC, an organization specifically for college administrators, admissions representatives, and counselors. However, you can always call your colleges to verify!

Throughout the last four years, you have used your voice to select colleges, summer opportunities, clubs, and more. You have set your goals and took the assessments needed to complete the college process. You studied, completed assignments, and presentations to receive the grades earned on your high school transcript. You developed strong relationships with teachers who wrote recommendations that spoke of your intellectual abilities, leadership, verbal skills, interests, and more. You were able to write essays that portrayed your uniqueness. You have mastered the college admissions process!

I hope you are happy with your decision and are excited about your future academic endeavors. In just a few months you will be heading to college, technical school, or maybe taking a gap year. I encourage each of you to hang up a sign in your window at home or on your front lawn. Change your social media profiles to show your next venture. Why? Other people will see that you, the Class of 2020, have plans to move forward and prosper. Family members, friends, neighbors, and strangers will be happy to see that you have set goals despite the last six weeks.

I want to share with you my graduation picture from the Class of 1996 and a great video from the Independent Educational Consultants Association which I am a proud member of.

Be the light, stay positive, and continue on with your dreams! Congratulations to you, the Class of 2020!

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