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Making Private School Education More Affordable – Private College 529 Plan

If you are searching for college savings options, look into the Private College 529 Plan. This plan is for families who dream of private school benefits, but are worried about the rising costs of tuition. Through this program, you can pre-purchase tuition at today’s rates at participating colleges and universities around the country. There are hundreds of schools who participate, and some of the colleges in Georgia are Agnes Scott College, Berry College, Emory University and Wesleyan College. Since tuition prices rise about 5% per year, this plan can save your family a great deal of money. Friends and family may also make gift contributions, the plan can be used for up to 30 years after purchased and there are no enrollment or annual fees.

The plan allows you to start small by only contributing $25 per month. For more information or to enroll in the Private College 529 Plan, click here.

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