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Let the Music Continue

Do you enjoy experiencing Friday Night Lights because of the band, sitting in an auditorium listening to your student's orchestra, or simply hearing music come from their lessons? If you are nodding your head yes or smiling then know that these are all great reasons to discuss music as a college major!

Personally, my son enjoys all genres and plays four different instruments. Although he began in elementary school with a trumpet and was told his lungs were a bit small to produce the sound needed, he decided on another instrument, the violin. That love for music has led him through lessons of piano, drums, and the violin.

High School musicians do not have to quit playing their instrument in college! Not only could they major in a music program, but they could be part of the ensemble, orchestra, marching band, or continue to take lessons. Music soothes the soul and calms the mind, so if you have a student who likes to play their instrument, enjoys learning new music, or appreciates the conversations, then be sure to check out Majoring In Music to let the music continue in college!

Williams Educational Consultants encourages musicians to continue playing as there are many benefits to playing an instrument.

  • Your cognitive ability increases

  • Make friends

  • Playing an instrument relieves stress

  • It builds your confidence

  • Improve patience

  • Improve memory

  • It makes you creative

  • It's fun!

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