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Legacy in College Admissions

If you have a student who has gone through the admissions process or is currently researching colleges, you may or may not have suggested they take a look at your alma mater. Families have a lot of fun over the years reiminscing about the "old stomping grounds" and Williams Educational Consultants invites families to discuss college experiences and create opportunities to tour parent and grandparent alma maters.

If your student falls in love with your "old stomping grounds", you may be curious to know if your success and continued support of your beloved alma mater will help your child.

What is Legacy when it comes to the Admissions world?

Legacy admissions are when a college gives preferential treatment to students of its alums. Read more about Legacy in college admissions here.

At Williams Educational Consultants, we help students discover their interests, goals, and build a college list that drives students toward their academic potential. We do not lean into the idea of Legacy preference. Instead, we want students to succeed because of their abilities, strengths and opportunities. Our families come from diverse backgrounds and the diversity of our clients makes the process personal, impactful and meaningful.

As an alumni from Kennesaw State University, my children have been on campus many times to learn what a college setting looks and feels like. My oldest has taken an official tour and attended theatre, athletic and arts events. I am building my own legacy of teaching my kids about opportunities and the freedom to choose what is best for them in their process. I would do the same even if I attended Columbia, like my grandfather.

I encourage all families to grow in this process together, because most things in life are better when working as a team. Share your legacy, spread awareness, and create opportunities to build conversations.

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