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  • Wendy Williams

Know Before You Go - Saturday to Take SAT

Students across the globe are frustrated, disappointed, and more anxious than ever. The Class of 2021 is getting knocked down more than the Class of 2020. Yes, the Class of '20 graduates did not get to have a senior spring year, and they did not have traditional graduation (for most of them), but it's the Class of '21 that is striving to get through an unbearable admissions season.

October is known for its early action deadlines, and students are busy writing their applications. Therefore, colleges request students to decide if scores will or will not be submitted. How do students know if they will be offering their results when they do not know if they will be sitting for a test?

Williams Educational Consultants feels for this Class. With so much uncertainty, and so many colleges going test-optional, students have to look at their application file and assess the importance of sitting for the test vs. throwing in the towel at an organization that can't seem to play fair. According to Inside Higher Ed, "Of the 334,000 students registered to take the SAT on Sept. 26, 183,000 will not be able to take the test." How is this fair to these students who have prepared for the upcoming weekend?

One of the best parts of living is that every one of us can choose how to respond to a situation. With this, Williams Educational hopes that students will take a moment to decide what is best for themselves. If you can't determine the best action to take, let Williams Educational Help You Choose Wisely.

For the latest information on testing centers, visit College Board.

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