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Keep Calm & Homeschool, maybe?

Today's Homeschooling is very different than when it began in the 1970s.

After schools went online this past March, families across the world got a taste of Virtual Learning and what homeschool involves. Some parents and students enjoyed the flexibility, and others were longing for their old brick and mortar learning environment. As an IEC providing families information about online education is essential, because families are concerned about COVID and worried about the next academic school year. Homeschooling might be the best option for many. 

Georgia has issued procedures for the upcoming school year, read here. This document consists of a tiered approach on returning to school and how the system hopes to guide throughout the 2020-2021 year, especially if unknown circumstances were to occur. Private Institutions in Georgia have sent their ideas for relaunching their system in the fall to their community. Not surprisingly, most districts, Heads of Schools, and other officials have no idea what will happen in August. Hence, online programs have been receiving more than usual phone calls and applications. One online school, Dwight International, has seen an increase of applicants 20 times their usual number. 

Due to recent demand, it is necessary to ask programs of interest the right questions to find the best fit.  Here are some conversational topics:

Why Is Online Educational Beneficial? 

  • Advancement in Hobbies or Career 

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Self-Discipline and Responsibility

  • Reduced Costs (not all online systems free, some come with a hefty price tag!)

  • Choice of topics and course exploration

Important Questions To Ask? 

  • Accreditation 

  • Mission of School 

  • Type of Model - Synchronous VS Asynchronous

  • Sense of Community

  • Teacher Background & Accessibility

  • Structure of program - i.e., Self-Paced, Structured, Hybrid, Etc. 

  • Staff members like Psychologists, Counselors, etc. 

  • Grades Offered

  • College Placement

  • School Profile

  • LD Support Staff

  • In-Person Experiences

  • System Used: Type of Computer Program

  • Admission Standards and Requirements

  • Athletic, Music and Art programs

  • Costs of program

  • Any standout features

Options for Online Schools:

Stanford Online HS

GWU Online HS

Connections Academy

Laurel Springs




Pacific Preparatory 

Cornerstone Christian School 

Georgia Connections Academy

Fusion Academy

The above list will help families start to review a few programs and how they might be similar or different from one another.. Williams Educational recommends that families reach out to at least three different programs to be able to compare curriculum, financial commitment, social connection, and program mission. For more information about selecting the best-fit homeschooling program, call Williams Educational Consultants today.

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