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Students Can Talk About COVID-19 on Applications for Colleges

The Coalition for College, formerly known as The Coalition for College Access did a great job with the style of questions for students regarding their experiences during COVID19. With over 150 college members, this organization has an online college-planning tool that helps students begin their college search as early as freshman year. Recently, The organization has added not only a question regarding COVID for students and counselors but also an optional checkbox-style inquiry that allows first-year students and transfer students to choose select statements that describe their educational and home life during COVD-19.

Statements cover a range of impacts, like lack of technology, internet connection to city-wide curfews, job uncertainties, and illnesses. Additionally, the application lists options for academic grading and virtual learning experiences. These changes on the Coalition for College are much better than their competitor, The Common Application. With over 900 members of The Common Application, it has only added a supplemental question for students to write a 250 limit essay on their experiences through the season of COVID19 and virtual learning.

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