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Important Tips For Summer

Congratulations on completing your junior year and becoming seniors! As you begin your summer, I want to remind you of a few things that are important for you to be working on this summer. Standardized Testing: It is important to continue studying for fall exams. As a senior and depending on your college application timeline and college choice, you have opportunities in the fall of your senior year to take a few more tests: SAT: October 3, 2015 – Register by September 4; November 7, 2015 – Register by October 8; December 5, 2015- Register by November 6. ACT: September 12, 2015 – Register by August 7; October 24, 2015 – Register by September 18 or December 12, 2015- Register by November 6.

College Visits: As you start to narrow your college list, you will need to visit at least 3 to 5 schools if possible. This summer is a great opportunity to see the campus, take a tour and get a feel for the college experience offered. If you like the campus, you can always go back when it is in session to see all the students who learn there.

Summer Plans: By now, you should have your plans for your summer mapped out. All I ask is that you look at your calendar and make sure that you are not spending more than one week of time doing nothing active. Summer is a great time to build your resume. Think about a job, volunteering, academic opportunity or taking dance or music lessons. Think outside of the box this summer and get creative!

Engage Colleges: Summer is a great time to request information from the colleges that you find interesting. Requesting information will add you to their mailing list and show that you are interested in their campus. You can take this a step further and contact the Admissions Representative for your area and find out if he or she will be here in the fall! Try to setup a meeting time and if nothing else, find out what campus fair the Representative will be attending.

College Applications: Do not register for the Common Application yet. If you register now for the common application, it will be deleted as they take it down every year to reboot the portal for the next application cycle. Some colleges release their application early. As I get updates, I will post information here. However, summer is a good time to call the admissions team and ask when they will release their application. I encourage you to do this so that we can setup a timeline for your applications!

Scholarships: Summer goes by fast and one thing that can slow it down is researching scholarship opportunities. I encourage you to take this very seriously. Please look for 5 to 10 scholarships that you might be able to apply for.

College Majors: Take time to research the college majors of interest and be aware of what courses one would need to complete their major. One of my favorite websites is

Resume: Sit with your parents and talk about the last 3 years. Begin drafting your resume. If you have accomplished any unique research papers or projects or have been featured in the newspaper, etc., this is the time to gather all of that information so that you can send it to your colleges in the fall.

Informational Interviewing: Talk to your friends who just graduated. Ask them how they made their decision and what they chose. Ask them for any tips for your senior year; advice for your applications; recommendations on interviewing skills, or things they wish they had done differently. Ask your parents to connect you to anyone who might be in a career that you are interested in looking at further. Take time to find out why he or she chose their career and how the choice was made. Summer is a great time to get advice from others!

Print this list and put it somewhere you can see daily or set reminders for you to complete each item by a certain day. Summer will be over before you know it and application season will be in full gear. Take time this summer to get ahead and stay on top of your to do list!

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