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Ideas for your Snowmageddon day 2022

Welcome to January!

The forecast shows a possible mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain by Sunday afternoon. Depending on your source for news, you could have up to 1/4 inch of ice

accumulation! If you are lucky, you might have 1 to 2 inches of snow.

But, no matter what falls from the sky on Sunday, Williams Educational Consultants believes that you can spend the day taking care of a few critical tasks.


Class of 2022

1. Finish your high school year strong! It is your last semester of school and your grades are still important. So be sure to stay on top of your studies and complete all projects!


2. Complete all your college applications, including scholarship and honors applications.

3. Verify that all your applications have been submitted and all required documents have been received. (ie transcript, mid-year grades, standardized testing, etc.) Please be sure that you have mailed in all mid-year grades to your schools.

4. If you have not already done so, complete the FAFSA and/or CSS Profile.

5. Schedule your final College Visits for spring break!

6. Play in the snow!

Class of 2023

1. Email your high school counselor to discuss your admissions process!

2. Complete a Mock ACT/SAT

3. Schedule and Register for your standardized testing:


Test: Mar 12, 2022 Register by: Feb 11, 2022

Test: May 7, 2022 Register by: April 8, 2022

Test: June 4, 2022 Register by: May 5, 2022


Test: Feb 12, 2022 Late Register by: January 21, 2022

Test: April 2, 2022 Register by: February 25, 2022

Test: June 11, 2022 Register by: May 6, 2022

Test: July 16, 2022 Register by: June 17, 2022

4. Research schools, programs and admissions standards.

5. Create a resume.

6. Plan your spring break college visits!

7. Write down the classes you wish to take in your senior year of high school!

8. Play in the snow!

Class of 2024

1. Complete a Mock ACT/SAT

2. Map out your four-year high school curriculum

3. Research activities that will show leadership and involvement

4. Understand AP Courses by reviewing Collegeboard.

5. Take assessments/inventories to discover interests and aptitude

6. Begin taking virtual tours.

7. Play in the snow!

Class of 2025

1. Map out your four-year high school curriculum

2. Research your communities clubs, organizations and activities

3. Understand opportunities within your high school Honor Societies and AP Courses by reviewing Collegeboard.

4. Take assessments/inventories to discover study skills and learning style

5. Talk to parents about college expectations and finances.

6. P lay in the snow!


No matter what you do this Snowmageddon, remember to stay warm, healthy, and choose wisely!

8. G o play in the snow!ses you wish to take in your senior year of high school!

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