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How do I calculate my GPA?

Cumulative Numeric Average: 1.) Add up all of your class grades NOTE: Use the grade from your transcript as each school differs in how many points (if any) are added to AP and Honors classes 2.) Divide the total from step 1 by the number of classes you have taken (include all classes listed on your transcript, including any failed classes) 3.) This value is out of 100

Academic GPA: MOST colleges use the scale of A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0, F=0 1.) Go through each of your ACADEMIC classes on your transcript and assign each of them a number according to the scale above (ex: if you made a 94 in science class, assign that class a 4 because it’s an A) 2.) Add all of the assigned the numbers from step 1 up. Divide the total by the number of ACADEMIC classes taken. This will give you your estimated academic GPA. 3.) If your college adds additional points for Honors or AP classes, do so. If you are getting your grades off your transcript and your high school adds a certain amount of points to Honors and AP classes but your college doesn’t add points, be sure to take those points off of the individual classes before assigning them a 4-0. NOTE: This is simply a common way of calculating Academic GPA; however, each college may calculate their GPAs differently. Please contact your college’s Office of Admissions to inquire about how they calculate their GPAs.

HOPE/Zell Miller GPA: To qualify for HOPE, students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher. To qualify for Zell Miller, students must have a 3.7 GPA or higher. 1.) If looking at a transcript to find grades, remove all extra points that have been added for Honors or AP classes (if applicable). 2.) Find all HOPE eligible classes. Not all classes are counted in this equation. 3.) Assign final grades of classes (without additional Honor/AP points) a 4 if an A (100-90), 3 if B (89-80), 2 if C (79-70), or a 0 if F (69-0). 4.) Add .5 to any AP or college classes. (ex: if you made a 96 in AP science class, assign that class a 4 because it’s an A, but then assign the .5 because it’s an AP class = 4.5) 5.) Add up all of the numbers assigned to each grade in step 4 (including the .5 for each AP or college class). Divide this total by the number of HOPE eligible classes you have taken.

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