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Hats Off To The Class of 2022

Graduation is here! Get out your cap and gown and prepare yourself to walk across the stage to receive your diploma. You completed the high school journey and allowed yourself to experience the highs and lows of college admissions. Hopefully, you learned a lot about yourself through this journey. Although I know you must be proud, you still have a few things to complete before getting too comfortable.

  1. Be sure to complete all enrollment paperwork for your university.

  2. Record any upcoming dates for housing or orientation sessions.

  3. Share your good news with others and thank those who impacted your high school/college admissions journey!

  4. Connect with your college financial aid department to check that all-important data has been received. (ie transcript, loan applications, FAFSA, etc.)

  5. Plan your shopping spree with your parents and future roommate.

  6. If you require accommodations in the classroom, meet with the department and prepare to advocate for yourself.

  7. Build lasting memories with your high school besties!

  8. Join social media platforms for your Class and clubs or organizations that you might be interested in for Fall.

  9. Make sure you are all set with your vaccinations.

  10. Spend time with your parents and build memories with them.

Share your graduation pictures with Williams Educational by tagging us in your post @ADMISSIONSTODAY and @WilliamsEducationalConsultants

Remember to take many photographs and create a photo album that will last a lifetime! Congratulations on your achievements, and best of luck!

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