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Get Wisdom from the Director of Admissions of Curry College

Wendy Williams asked Keith Robichaud, Director of Admissions at Curry College to give some insight about admissions from his perspective. What you will read below is not only insightful, but also great reasons to visit Curry. They have a lot of exciting things happening on campus!

Each fall, as high school seniors begin to take the final steps in their college search – making last minute edits to their college essay, collecting letters of recommendation from their favorite teachers, or attending open houses at the handful of colleges at the top of their list – College Admission offices, like mine at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts, are busy making the final decisions on what qualities we’ll be looking for in the “right” student. While average GPA and SAT scores change from year to year, one thing remains constant – at Curry, we believe the “right” student, the student that will be successful in and out of the classroom, the student who we can best serve, and who can best serve our community, is the student who has managed to find a balance between their academic and extra-curricular lives. At Curry, we feel strongly that a student who has demonstrated the ability to maintain balance – doing well in the classroom while at the same time, doing well on a field, in the work-place, or in the community – is the student who will find a place within our engaged student body, with a strong sense of community. It is this engagement and citizenship that a student can add to their application that often makes the difference in our admission decision. It is also the commitment continue this engagement on our campus that can make the difference in the kind of experience that a student will have at Curry.

At Curry, admitting a student who is active and engaged is important because it is at the very essence of who we are. As we define in our mission, it is our responsibility to “…educate and graduate students prepared to engage in successful careers and active citizenship.” This begins by admitting students who have a passion to be active not only in their learning, but also in a sport, in a cause, in a hobby – so that our community continues to be built on the foundation of engagement.

As we continue to build that community this coming year, I am excited to announce new additions to Curry’s academic portfolio and to the campus. In Fall 2015, Curry will begin its very first cohort of students in our newest Biochemistry major. With the Curry campus located just seven miles from downtown Boston, a major hub of the pharmaceutical and bio tech industries, students will have ample opportunity for internship and career options.

Additionally, our Communication department recently added a Multimedia Sports Journalism Concentration for students interested in pursuing careers in sports media. With internships in organizations like The Boston Globe, New England Sports Network and the Boston Bruins, students pursuing this concentration will find amazing opportunities that will help prepare them for the sports media jobs of today.

In Fall 2014, Curry opened its newest residence hall, Alexander Graham Bell Hall, named after an early Chancellor of the College, which provides a state-of-the-art living/learning community for students participating in one of our many academic cohorts, including our Biology cohort, Pre-Med and Pre-Health cohorts, and the Curry Honors Program. The building was designed to promote the continuation of learning outside of the classroom, in the resident hall common areas, classroom space, small meeting rooms, and large conference areas.

These, along with the many other amazing opportunities at Curry, are reasons why students from all over the world have found their place at Curry College. I welcome you to discover Curry for yourself to see if it just may be the place for you as well!

Click here to visit Curry College online.

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