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Get Wisdom from Bed Bath & Beyond

As Manager of Bed, Bath & Beyond, you must have a lot of students and parents coming in for help with their new living environment. What have you found to be the most important items to purchase for college students? Do you have any advice for parents who are trying to create a safe and comfortable learning environment for their student? 

What 3 items are a must have for students who are living in dorm rooms? 1.)  STORAGE!!!  Moving from a large bedroom to a small living space presents challenges.  Look to get any kind of storage solutions to help make your dorm organized.  Over the door storage, over the door hooks, hanging garment storage, slim line hangers, double closet rods, and storage totes are some of the many options out there.

2.) COMFORT- There are not many places in a small place to relax.  The mattresses provided are thin and have an uncomfortable plastic  exterior.  Look to get padded mattress pads, fiber or feather beds or memory foam bed toppers.   In addition, futons or comfortable seating can provide an area in the dorm for down time between classes. 

3.)  FOOD- Having a small refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker can help make dorm life seem like home life.  The ability to grab a quick breakfast in your room or a study pick me up makes dorm living more enjoyable.

What advice do you have for parents who are helping students get comfortable in their new living environment? Helping your child get set up and organized in their new space is important.  Once they are unpacked and organized, it’s time to go.  Let them have time to get comfortable in their new space and meet new friends.

Try not to be a helicopter parent,  No Hovering.  The college experience is not just about studying and getting a degree.  The college experience teaches life skills, managing finances, being accountable for deadlines, managing work vs free time and navigating social relationships and skills.  Let go and see what happens.  Mistakes are not failures but lessons.

Answers provided by Erin Fitzgerald, Manager of Bed Bath & Beyond

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