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Get Actively Inspired

As the New Year begins and the old one fades away, I urge all of you to not make a list of resolutions but instead to choose a few inspiring words to reflect on throughout the year and to create a positive universe around you. Make this year the year that you give rest to your fingers from texting or scrolling on that phone or computer and exercise your mind and your tongue by actual conversations with people sitting next to you. Take time to appreciate the ones that you love by actually spending time with them. Take time to have your own thoughts and exercise your own mind by slowing down and processing your ideas.

When we see a new year approaching, we begin to think longevity and how we can improve our body, our bank accounts and more. Instead of thinking 6 months ahead or an entire year ahead, slow down and start with the one that you are facing – January. Don’t get me wrong, I love to plan, but in todays fast pace society sometimes we loose track of our goals because they are so far away from the present. Goals are great; however, for this year think about weekly or monthly goals too.

I encourage you to make January the month to get actively inspired. Try something different like painting, playing an instrument, reading a book, writing stories, taking hikes, meditating, or simply having real conversations.

Make this year the year that you live a balanced, healthy life for you and your community. Please share with me the way that you plan to get actively inspired.

Happy New Year!

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