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A successful gap year meets personal goals – so it is important that you look internally to see what it is that you hope to gain in the next semester or year away from traditional classroom experiences!

1. Why do you want to take a Gap year abroad?

  1. To see new parts of the world or learn a different language?

  2. To explore different points of view?

  3. To build confidence and develop problem-solving skills?

  4. To see if a career or area of study is a good fit?

  5. To contribute to a cause you care about?

  6. To network and connect with new communities?

2. Have you studied a foreign language?

  1. Is it a language you’d like to pursue?

  2. Do you want to learn a different language from the one you’ve studied?

  3. Do you want to embrace the culture that you have studied for the last four years?

3. How long is your ideal gap program?

  1. Go for a semester.

  2. Go for a year.

  3. You can even pair any two-semester programs to create a full-year program that’s uniquely you.

Even though your head and heart might be set on a GAP YEAR Program for your first year out of high school, Williams Educational believes that every student should check with his or her colleges first before differing to see if a GAP YEAR Program is in your best interest. Some colleges have their own GAP YEAR programs too! Don’t just defer, be active in your educational journey and ask questions!

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