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Fall College Calendars

University Presidents are sending out letters to faculty, staff, and students about their plans for opening this fall. Calendars have been moved up and breaks have been removed. For example, the University of South Carolina has issued a statement that shows earlier start date, online dates as well as removing their fall break. Read the University of South Carolina's President Bob Caslen's letter here. The University of Georgia plans on opening their campus on the 20th of August with a slow phased reopening over the summer months. Most campuses on the California State System will remain closed for face to face education this fall. Plans are to remain virtually active and possibly allow clinics and lab classes to open to students, faculty, and staff on a very limited basis.

In addition to virtual learning, newly designed calenders, and phasing students on campuses, University systems are cutting sports programs. Furman University in South Carolina has canceled its men's lacrosse and baseball programs to help with budget cuts and the financial hardship the institution faces due to COVID19. Read the article here. Clemson University has to cut all summer athletic camps.

COVID19 has impacted the financial status of many universities across our nation. The University of Alabama made a statement that they plan on freezing all non-essential vacant positions, reduce facility expenses, delay campus construction and more to help with budgets.

My advice is for families to connect with their school of interest to find out plans for summer, fall, and sports. Lots of new updates will be released in the next few weeks to months. Be sure to get on the mailing list and connect with their social networks to keep informed of updates.

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