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Early Decision

Williams Educational suggests that you apply to Early Decision only if you meet the following requirements:

  1. Can afford the price tag of the University regardless of receiving scholarships.

  2. Willing to withdraw ALL other applications if you receive an acceptance letter.

  3. You and your parents agree that the University is the best fit for you.

Yes, you may increase your chances by applying Early Decision, but this point alone is not a reason to choose Early Decision. Families should know that Early Decision is a binding agreement. Therefore, you are committing to attending a college before learning about other schools and financial aid packages! When a family chooses this type of admissions notification, the family has to sign an agreement (both parents and student) and the high school counselor. Therefore, families should not take Early Decisions lightly.

Students must be satisfied with their course rigor, grades, and test scores. Colleges that evaluate a candidate under Early Decision will request a transcript through the junior year of high school. If the university requires standardized test scores, you will need to be sure that your score is submitted and received by the university's deadline.

Is Early Decision the right choice for you and your family?

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