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  • Wendy Williams


Williams Educational Consultants help families find summer opportunities for their students, but due to COVID, many have been shifted online instead of in-person this year. Unfortunately, Duke Tip, a non-profit organization for students in grades four through twelve, has been impacted by the pandemic. To learn more about DUKE TIP and the impact it has taken via COVID, read here.

Duke Tip's non-profit organization will close its doors until Spring 2021. The program hopes to bring various online courses, like artificial intelligence, coding, financial markets, and pandemics, when it returns in Spring '21. For the past 40 years, this Talented Identification Program (TIP) has been beneficial to so many students who achieve in the classroom and test beyond their milestones on assessments. Williams Educational Consultants hopes that this program will be more robust once it returns after the pandemic.

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