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  • Wendy Williams

Do You Remember?

I can't imagine September without singing Earth, Wind & Fire lyrics to September. Additionally, the cooler air, Friday night lights, and college football on Saturday remind me that the season is changing.

Seasons bring about memories no matter one's age.

As a parent, I want you to recall your senior year fall and reflect on your college application days. Did you use a paper application to complete your admissions file? How did you get that application? Did you have to call and request it to be sent to you in the mail? Did you use a phone book to look up the college number, visit your library to review the card catalog? Once you completed the paper application either by a typewriter or pen, did you send it with a stapled check to the corner and mail it back to the institution? And then wait...

How did you request your letters of recommendation? Do you remember?

Today, students walk through a process that to some might seem more accessible with The Common Application, Coalition, Universal App, Naviance, or Scoir. However, so many different systems give students angst and fear. Did they submit their application with scores, pay the fee, send the transcript, request teacher recommendations, etc.?

Williams Educational Consultants wants to help you feel the cooler temperatures with some tips for parents on how to help their seniors not get heated during this application submission process:

  1. Create a college tracking sheet with college names, deadlines, application materials required, and due dates.

  2. Ask your Senior to give you access to their email they use for applications. These 17- and 18-year-old students have a lot on their daily schedule. Many reminders are sent to their email, and having another set of eyes to read through the spam, junk, and inbox is helpful!

  3. Once a student submits their application and the colleges download the application, your student will receive an email with a university application management portal. Help students keep track of these portals by adding the website, username, and password to the college tracking sheet.

  4. Remind your student that teacher and counselor recommendations take time, and they must request this task via their high school guidelines. Some use Naviance, and others utilize the Common Application. It is crucial to figure out this process early to ensure clarity.

  5. Transcripts can often bring confusion, especially in Fulton County! No matter where you live, ask your Guidance Counselor if they use Common App, ScribOrder, Parchment, etc.

The above tips often need to be clarified by your high school counselors, but once your family understands how these moving parts come together, you can help your Senior manage the paper process!

Most of us parents could complete the application process independently, but it was easier back then! Although some parents might think this process should be entirely on their child's shoulders, Williams Educational supports parents who reach out to assist with the significant details. Hearing stories about students with incomplete applications is crushing.

At Williams Educational, we do our best to support families by giving recommendations and guidance throughout the process.

So, as you embark upon the application season this September, remember to enjoy what fall has to offer and support your Senior. They have a lot on their plate and would accept your support. We all hope our children will look back and remember this season for its beauty, fun activites and maybe a little tune from Earth, Wind & Fire!

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